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About the Canoe Guide School

We have put together a program, when taken as a whole, provides the industry standards in Canoe Guide Certification. Candidates are encouraged to take the whole program or select individual courses that suit their needs. Discounts apply the more courses taken. Courses are run from multiple locations. A shuttle is provided if you do not have your own transportation. To be eligible candidates are required to come into the program with least 500km of canoe tripping experience and at least one canoe trip of five or more days. Course prices are for instruction only, additional camp fees may be required for some courses.

The program is made up of:
Map and Compass Course – St. George Ontario
National Green Check GPS Level 1 Certification – St. George Ontario
ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 3 Certification – Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park
ORCKA River Running Level 1A Certification – Palmer Rapids near Bancroft Ontario
Wilderness First Aid – Various locations

How to register:
For individual courses, feel free to sign up online using the PayPal Buy Now button. If you are signing up for two or more courses send us an email to and tell us which courses you want to take. We will apply a discount and send you a PayPal invoice via email. Our computer department isn’t sophisticated enough to calculate the discount online  Discounts apply as follows; 10% off for two courses and 15% for three or more courses.

Canoe Guide Courses

Map and Compass

Do you want to be guide? You better know how to use a map and compass. It is essential you know where you are and where you are going if you are guiding wilderness trips. 

National Green Check Level 1 GPS Certification

The National Green Check GPS Certification is designed for the beginner or intermediate user of GPS equipment. As a guide a GPS is a good tool to assist in navigation. Map and Compass skills are required.

ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 3

ORCKA Canoe Trip Level 3 is the Ontario standard for canoe trip leaders. Schools, Camps and Organization require CT3 certification for leading canoe trips. This is a five day course is run near Aplsely Ontario. Pre-requisites apply.

ORCKA River Running Level 1A Tandem

Learn how to handle a loaded canoe in moving water. This ORCKA certified course teaches you to safely navigate moving water with a loaded canoe. This course is a requirement for CT3.


Wilderness Advanced First Aid or Wilderness First Responder is highly recommended to round out your Canoe Guide certifications. We are not offering these courses this year, however we have provided the link to the Wilderness Medical Associates website to assist you in finding a course.  

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