Navigation Courses

Map and Compass

This comprehensive course focuses on land navigation using a topographical map and compass. Theory items will be enhanced with practical exercises. Students will participate in a multi-function orienteering exercise to find “targets” in the bush using map and compass skills learned in the course.

GPS Course

This comprehensive course focuses on understanding how to use a hand held GPS for land navigation. Emphasis is place on how the GPS relates to the map.

Combined Map, Compass & GPS

GPS navigation is only as good as your skills with a map and compass. This combined course offers one day of comprehensive learning of map and compass skills, followed by one day learning GPS . Take both course and save money!

National Green Check Level 1 GPS Certification

The National Green Check GPS Certification Program specializes in GPS training. It was one of the first programs to promote “widely recognized” standards and conventions for GPS Certification. This popular program is designed for the beginner or intermediate user of GPS equipment

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